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For a business thinking about how they use social media as a marketing tool, what and how often should you post on social media are important considerations.

We know that many businesses are unsure of the optimum posting frequencies for the platforms they use as it is one of the most frequent questions we get asked during our training sessions or networking events is; “how often should you post a day on social media?

The right frequency of posting will generally depend on a number of different factors relating to the target audience, platform you are posting from and ability to produce sufficient quality content.

Like many aspects of an effective social media strategy there is no catch all answer that can be applied to any business. Each social media platform is different and the best practice guidelines are continuously being updated as platforms tinker with their set ups and algorithms.

The importance of posting many times a day can be affected by the perception of the consumer to your social media account and whether you boost posts on a platform to artificially boost the reach of your posts.

Answer The Question…… Tell Us How Often You Should Post On Social Media?

Although there is no absolute answer to how often you should post on social media, there are some recommended minimum social media posting frequency guidelines we can offer. These are based on our experience on what gets the best results and protects your businesses reputation.

As a bare minimum you should be posting something on each platform every day. Posting once a day is not ideal and should not form part of a growth strategy, however it does at least keep the accounts active.

Based on our research and experience the Optimum Levels of Posting On Social Media are as follows

Social Media Posting

Twitter –  Six Times Per Day

As a fast moving platform if you blink you can miss some great content, therefore we recommend posting content just over once every hour during business hours and interspersing this with engagement on top. Some of our clients gasp at having to post that often iniatially but with some planning and software such as Hootsuite it is easily achievable

Facebook – 2 times per day

The need to post regularly to gain reach has been scuppered for many by changes to the Facebook algorithm that meant that organic reach has been severely throttled. This means that promoted posts are now almost mandatory to get your message out. The effect of this is that your posts can be less frequent as you know you are going to reach the right audience.

Google+ – 3 Times Per Day

Although Google+ has not broken through to the mainstream it is important to post there regularly to ensure that your SEO is in a strong position with Google. Although there is no firm evidence to suggest posting on Google+ affects your ranking it is unlikely to hurt.

LinkedIn Business Pages – Daily

Posting onto your companies LinkedIn page keeps your business followers in the loop to what your are doing in your company. Use this space to share updates about your company on a daily basis to keep connections engaged but not overwhelmed.

Instagram – Three Times Per Day

You may be thinking “what images can I post once I run out of selfies” however images are popular and highly shareable so posting as often as possible is recommended. However three times a day is a reasonable commitment to aim for.

Pinterest – Three Times Per Day

Sharing quality content on Pinterest can really get your business in front of your audience,even if you are sharing other peoples pins posting regularly shows you are part of the community and helps build engagement.

Blogging and Video – To be covered in future blogs

What Do I Do If I Cannot Post That Regularly

If you were to use every social media platform listed in this article you would need to dedicate a lot of resources to get content of a suitable quality.

If you do not have the resources to implement a social media plan with this much content, then we recommend reducing the number of platforms you are active on so you can post more on the ones you use the most.

It is better to be brilliant at one or two than average at five or six so prioritise the platforms with the most potential for your business and post on those more.

So how often you should post on social media platforms, the ball is in your court, what will work for you?

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    • ALEX
    • December 30, 2016

    Social media has changed the way we communicate today. It’s in our best interest to be informed about all of the new possibilities to manage our online reputation. The lines between professional and personal are blurring online and many times, we refer to our online presence as our “Personal Brand.” Your Personal Brand can be both the personal and professional

    • Md Anisur Rahman
    • November 10, 2016

    Thanks for this helpfull piece.
    All these tips improving my sociall media engagement so much.

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  2. Reply

    Good article! Thank you!

    My favorite quote: It is better to be brilliant at one or two than average at five or six… Yes!

  3. Reply

    I am glad you have re-iterated that there is no definitive answer to this regularly asked conundrum, as the question itself leads me to believe that the person asking hasn’t really grasped the concept of social media strategy. Businesses are rarely unique, but people are. Focus your efforts on the people you are trying to engage with, be absolutely clear about why you are using social media and stay true to yourself and you’ll find there is no hidden formula.

  4. Reply

    Great article and highly informative for me..