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social media management companies

How Social Media Management Companies Are Screwing Small Businesses

If you do not have the time, knowledge or resources in-house It can be tempting to outsource your social media marketing to a…
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Social media and PR in Digital Age

The Relationship Between Social Media and PR In The Digital Age

The relationship between social media and PR has changed as social media has evolved into a powerful two-way communication platform between organisations and…
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Hosting Business Events Successfully

The 9-Step Plan to Hosting Business Events Successfully

This is a guest post by Minal From Marketing By Minal on Hosting Business Events Successfully Hosting business events is a great way to…
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How to react to negative twitter comments

How To Deal With Negative Twitter Comments About Your Business

Twitter is a great tool for business owners, but fears about negative twitter comments can make owners fearful of using the platform. With…
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A blurred events hall highlighting social media at events and their uses

Social Media At Business Events – Using Twitter & LinkedIn

Using social media at business events and exhibitions is an effective way of boosting your visibility and building relationships.  With the right plan,…
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Key Performance Indicator Social Media

Defining Social Media KPIs – Step 2 – Digital Marketing Model

When dealing with digital marketing professionals defining social media KPIs can be one of the most difficult challenges you will face, but one…
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Social Media Strategy

Devising A Strategy In Line With Your Marketing Objectives – Step 1 – Digital Marketing Model

There is no one size fits all social media marketing strategy, the right social media strategy is unique to every business and is…
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Business blog

How Often Should My Business Blog?

One of the first questions we get asked is; How often should my business blog? With time, a limiting factor many businesses struggle…
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Social Media LinkedIn Post

A Meeting Out Of Thin Air – The Power of A Single LinkedIn Post

Social media is often overcomplicated by experts that seek to confuse and distract their clients, yet the basic principles are simple. Like all…
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What To Do When Your Business Facebook Post Goes Viral

Last weekend one of the companies we have trained to manage their own social media posts went viral beyond anything they could have…
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