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Reasons To Start A Facebook Group for your business

Reasons To Start A Facebook Group For Your Business

With changes to Facebook pages continuing to affect your ability to communicate with your audience. A Facebook group for your business will become…
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Will Facebook Influence The EU Referendum Result?

If you are not politically focused then social media has not been your friend in recent weeks but has all the Facebook EU…
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What To Do When Your Business Facebook Post Goes Viral

Last weekend one of the companies we have trained to manage their own social media posts went viral beyond anything they could have…
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Questions To Help You Choose The Right Social Media Networks For Your Business

One of the most common questions we get asked during our strategy training sessions or at networking events is; “What social media networks…
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How Often You Should Post On Social Media Platforms [Updated 2018]

For a business thinking about how they use social media as a marketing tool, what and how often should you post on social…
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Wasting Your First Twitter Interaction By Sending People To Facebook

A common tactic by businesses when you follow you on Twitter is to send you a message telling you to follow them on…
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What Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Use?

One of the first questions I get asked by those new to social media is, should my business be on every social media…
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