Content Marketing Strategy

Social Media Training

Our social media platform masterclasses are designed to give an individual or a marketing team the skills they need to develop a social media platform in line with their skills.  

The right social media knowledge allows your business to build an audience and drive revenue. We deliver tailored training sessions to audiences of between 1 and 200 people to give the different roles within your organisation the knowledge they need to succeed.

Social media can be a confusing and high risk activity for your business if done by unskilled users. It is important hat the people in charge of your social media have the right skills to grow your business safely.

Sales/Marketing Dept

Train your sales and marketing team how to integrate and implement social media into an overall marketing strategy. This training can be delivered to a manager/director or a full marketing team.


Want to understand how to use social media to grow your business? We will tailor a training program that will give you the knowledge and tools to use social media successfully within your business.


An important weapon in the arsenal of the modern salesperson as they identify, nuture and convert potential customers. We can teach those in a sales function how to use social media particularly LinkedIn effectively.


Your employees are on social media. Misjudged actions on social media could have an impact on their employment. We provide talks to 2-200 employees on how to create a social media work-life balance.

HR Managers

We can help your Human Resources team define an effective social media policy. We also advise on the best ways to use social media to screen prospective employees and navigate social media during disciplinary proceedings.

Social Media Professionals

We have experience helping social media professionals develop their digital toolkit to ensure they can provide the highest level of content creation and social media management.

Many companies lack dedicated social media resources, we can help you increase your skills or those of your employees and put a measurable framework for success in place.

Effective Copyrighting

A lack of resources can be a limiting factor to even the best social media marketing strategy. Our training gives you the skills you need.