Social Media Marketing Strategy

Working with you to create an effective social media strategy that you can implement with our Strategic Training Plan

Our Social Media Strategic Training Plan is a complete strategic analysis of how social media can be used effectively within your business and training on how to implement it.


The focus is on doing what works, not doing everything, most importantly we focus on your target market and how social media integrates with your overall marketing strategy. 

The first step is a Strategy Session where we dig into the marketing objectives of your business and aligning the social media strategy and tactics to match. 


We then create a Social Media Strategic Report & Content Guide which guides the Half-Day Social Media Training Session where we train your team how to implement the plan.


Tailored To Your Business

The right social media marketing is unique to the industry, market and culture of each individual company. We start each consultation with a fresh slate rather than a set of preconceived ideas.


Unless you know what you are trying to achieve and why with your social media marketing then you are unlikely to succeed. We help you achieve this.

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors are using social media to drive their business forward, we analyse your market to give you the information you need to succeed.

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Capturing Attention

Lots of businesses are using social media but that does not mean their customers are listening. It is important to have a strategy that captures the attention of your target audience. 

Tailored Solution For Your Business

We take the time to craft a bespoke strategy for each client rather than reselling generic out of the box solutions.

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