Choosing The Right Social Media Management Tools

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Choosing Right Social Media Management ToolsSocial media management tools are vital to the implementation of an effective social media strategy.

Managing your time on social media effectively can be the difference between a valuable business resource and a time drain that draws your attention away from what really matters.

Procrastination on social media is a real barrier to an effective workday for business owners and employees. Without discipline, it is easy to spend hours going down the rabbit hole on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We have all been there a notification pops up and we check one post we see along the way. One post leads to another, and another, and another until the day has passed you by and nothing has been achieved.

A key part of reducing social media timewasting and procrastination is to make sure you monitor and manage your social media in the most efficient way possible.

Making sure you are using the right social media management tools in line with each platforms terms of service.

The Advantages of Social Media Management Tools

The right social media management tools allow users to monitor, engage and post on the social media platforms we use within your business.

Key benefits of using social media management tools include the ability to;

  • Access and update social media accounts in one place
  • Manage interaction and assign it to the right person in an organisation
  • Analyse activity and trends
  • Give management oversight into what is planned
  • Get effective analytics to inform future strategy

Social Media Management Tools As Part Of A Social Media Strategy

A key part of implementing a social media strategy is identifying the tools that will make the process as efficient and transparent as possible.

When training businesses on effective social media strategy we review the social media management tools that fit with the organisations objectives and budget and make sure the team know how to use properly.

Failure to do this increases the time it takes to manage and the risk that something important will be missed.

The Social Media Management Tools We Use

Here are some of the social media management tools we use to save time & reduce the temptation of social media procrastination, this is not a definitive list and there are many competing platforms out there that we have not had a chance to evaluate.


HootSuite is great for companies or agencies trying to manage lots of social media accounts.

We use Hootsuite to access and update social media accounts in one place for our own business and to monitor the activity and trends on key platforms such as Twitter.

The layout of Hootsuite allows us to have access to multiple social media platforms in one place and to view different aspects of specific platforms all at once. Depending on your content objective, HootSuite is a great way to schedule content and monitor/reply to the engagement both within and outside your industry.

Another tool we use a lot is the link shortening tool which helps us create more aesthetically pleasing social media posts.

Hootsuite Social Media Management Tool

The Downside

Where Hootsuite falls down is that as it deals with so many platforms the experience of posting is not as user-friendly or effective as posting on social media platforms directly.

The reporting is also clunky and not included in the standard pricing which makes it difficult to use as a holistic social media management tool.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social Social Media Management

SproutSocial is a competitor to Hootsuite, however, we find that they compliment each other as what Hoot

suite falls down on SproutSocial excels at and vice versa. This means that we currently use both to manage our social media.

The strength of SproutSocial is it’s reporting and task management tools.

SproutSocial has seemless workflows that allow you to assign social media interactions to the appropriate person within your team, this is useful for businesses with multiple departments that interact with client social media such as marketing, sales and customers services.

Sprout has a wide range of reports that you can use to analyse and refine your social media.

The Downside


Where it falls down is the scheduling and trend monitoring, we find it clunky and not as effective as Hootsuite so use both in conjunction for many of our clients.


Manageflitter is a Twitter-focused social media management tool that allows users to monitor and manage their account to connect with the right people and clear out inactive users that you are following.

We use it to identify accounts to follow, particularly if we have been to a large event or are focusing on a particular region or geography. We also use it to unfollow accounts that are inactive. Although it can be used as part of a follower/unfollower campaign (where you follow lots of people and then unfollow those that do not followback) we caution you against this. Particularly as aggressive following and unfollowing is against the Twitter terms of service which can lead to suspension.

Manageflitter Social Media Management


Manageflitter is just a follower management tool and the engagement and publishing functionality is weak.


Meetedgar is a tool that allows you to recycle and schedule evergreen social media content across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We have found it useful for posting evergreen content that ensures that whatever happens there is high-quality content being posted. It is not a complete management tool but rather a supporting spoke of software for when there are delays to implementing the full social media schedule.

Changes to Twitter terms and conditions around duplicate content mean that MeetEdgar has lost most of its shine and value. It will be interesting to see if they can create a content spinning tool that will solve this problem and put them back on top.

Meetedgar Twitter Terms of Service


Updates to Twitter’s terms of service have made it largely redundant to our needs

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