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Hootsuite AmbassadorFinding sufficient time to manage social media is a challenge for small businesses that manage their own social media.  Social media managers and business owners can use social media management software to streamline processes, plan ahead and take the pain out of social media.

At DowSocial we use a few different tools to help us manage our social media and that of our clients, one of the most important is Hootsuite that acts as our publishing hub.

Our use of Hootsuite and our work in the social media industry means we are often approached to work with leading digital brands. One brand we are delighted to work with is Hootsuite having accepted an invitation to be a Hootsuite ambassador about six months ago.

What is A Hootsuite Ambassador

The Hootsuite ambassador role is an invitation only volunteer role for passionate Hootsuite users to share the benefits of Hootsuite.

This involves advocating Hootsuite’s products and services, working with Hootsuite to provide  product feedback and enjoying a strong relationship with Hootsuite

Why We Are Hootsuite Ambassadors

The benefits of Hootsuite are that it allows businesses to manage all their social media outlets in one place and see what is going on in an easy to analyse and format way. We are Hootsuite ambassadors as we use their social media management platform and it is essential to the work we do with our clients.

It gives us the platform to manage our clients social media efficiently. Features such as bulk scheduling and keyword searches allow us to plan ahead and monitor activity in an easy to access format  in a time efficient way.

It is also the most secure way of working and maintaining our clients intellectual property and access by allowing us access without the need for password information.

Hootsuite At Our Events

One of the ways that we have worked with Hootsuite is that they spoke at Peterborough Does Business a local event we sponsor. Hootsuite sent Dan Spicer to talk and he gave an engaging and inspiring talk to more than 70 local businesses.

We are proud to continue to partner with some of the leading providers within the industry.

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    • Kellie Bradburn-Sims
    • January 2, 2016

    Hi just read your Hootsuite Ambassador blog. Really interesting. I work with small businesses across Cumbria helping them to understand the power of social media how they can use it to elevate their business and most importantly how to manage it all. I would be really interested in any work shops you are running to increase knowledge of this fantastic management tool.

      • DwSAdm
      • January 7, 2016

      hi just picked up your comment, would be good to talk about how we can help. Email us at