Month Of Content – A Social Media Blog A Day Until May

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social media blogWhen it comes to marketing your business online the message is clear “content is king”

We have decided to write a social media blog a day to highlight what this means to us.

This has led to a revolution in the way in which businesses are marketed and the amount of information available to prospective customers.

This change has not caught on overnight and we still spend time with many clients at the beginning explaining our rationale and why only having an old school SEO optimised website is missing an opportunity.

Businesses are ready to accept the concept of content marketing and the idea that quality content can increase their authority, engagement and search ranking.

Yet they reach a mental blog when they compute the estimated time it would take to complete all the activities to produce the content and manage their social presence.

Think about it even a small B2B company could expect a simple presence to include;

  • A weekly blog
  • Twitter management including 5-10 tweets per day
  • LinkedIn management
  • Google+ management/engagement

For small businesses without a dedicated resource this eats into the time they can be spending on the other functions on their business. Notice how I did not say core functions as a social presence is a marketing activity and therefore key to the growth of the business.

I appreciate this and thought I would use April as a month of content creation tips, tricks and shortcuts to help those that want to get the most from their social media.

We will write a social media blog a day for the whole month and hope to build up a considerable library of content based on our experiences and those of our network.

Like any content idea your input will help us make it better. We invite you to send us ideas for the questions you would like to be answered during our month of content we are dubbing #DowContentMonth

So let’s get things started by asking, which aspect of content marketing is causing you the most pain and why?

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