Marketing Events

We create, market and deliver high-quality seminars, workshops, and conferences aimed at small business owners and marketers across the United Kingdom.

Using our marketing and social media expertise we fill rooms and deliver training that can be implemented from day one. 

Small Seminars & Workshops

Delivered to 4-12 people these small events are typically held in meeting rooms or board rooms of business centres or event venues.

These events are designed to focus on specific topics and audiences within a marketing theme.

An example of this was the Marketing and Cake series of paid events we ran at the end of 2018. 

These events covered a range of topics with individual events focused on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, GDPR, Search Engine Optimisation and CRMs and marketing strategy.

They were designed for a maximum of 12 people and focused on the basics of each topic as a base point for learning with actionable insights that can be taken away and implemented.

More than 50 businesses attended these series of events and we will continue to look for opportunities to provide seminars with planned collaborations with business centres, event venues and professional services firms. 


We have an excellent track record of designing and delivering large scale marketing training events.

The size of these events range from 30 to 300 attendees.

We aim to run four large scale events in Peterborough and one or two in other areas of the country in 2020.

They can be focused on a specific area of expertise or be a day or multiple discipline events.

An example of these can be our social media training events which have been run independently and in collaboration with Enterprise Nation and Facebook

We also run events on behalf of other companies and organisations such as Enterprise Nation and Facebook who support us running She Means Business events.

If you would like to discuss us running such an event in collaboration with you email