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Facebook Ad Process Flow PDF

Facebook ads are a huge opportunity for businesses, but many even those with successful businesses and marketing know-how overwhelmed with options and unsure where to begin.

This Facebook Ad Process Flow PDF outlines a step-by-step process for running Facebook ads we developed to train our clients how to manage the process themselves.

The Facebook Ad Process

The objective of Facebook advertising (or any other social media advertising for that matter) is to get a reaction and action from potential customers.

The less your audience knows about you the harder this is to do and the more expensive it will be to attempt using Facebook Ads.

This process is designed to target, segment, educate and entertain your audience so they take action which hits your objective.

This objective will typically be to either generate awareness or push users to take an action that moves them to the next phase of your sales process.

As you progress through the different steps you message your ads and filter who receives them so that only those who can be identified as interested see your content.

This increases their relevance to your audience which makes the user and the platform happy.

The outcome of the successful use of this process should be reduced advertising costs and higher conversion rates.

Facebook see their job as matching users with relevant content particularly when it comes to ads

  • They want advertisers to run adverts that are well targeted and relevant to those that see them.
  • This makes Facebook happy as they generate advertising revenue without damaging the users’ experience.
  • They reward advertisers with higher relevance scores on their ads a rough indication that the advertiser is reaching their target audience at the optimal price.
  • This means lower costs, more conversions and a higher return on investments.

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