How To Bulk Schedule Tweets Hootsuite – Step By Step Guide

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Social media timeFinding time to create content is one of the key problems that businesses seek our help with, particularly if they are keen to maintain full control over their social media.

Many envisage that you need to be constantly online to publish content across every social media platform, simultaneously logging in to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Fortunately this is not the case and there is software out there such as the bulk schedule hootsuite tool to help you save time and spread your content across multiple channels quickly and efficiently.

Twitter is one of the most challenging platforms for content creation. I remember the gasps in a training workshop when I suggested 5 tweets per day was a minimum. Let alone that most businesses should be trying to tweet between 7-15 tweets per day.

Hootsuite can help and the bulk schedule tweets hootsuite functionality is a life saver. This brilliant bulk uploader allows you to write tweets all in one go and schedule them up to six months in advance. This means that once you have uploaded your content all you need to do is check in when you have a chance to engage with those that respond to you.

Creating The Content To Upload

First of all you need to create your content and put it in the right format and create it in excel.

Put the date in the dd/mm/yyyy 00:00 then your content (around 100 characters) and then a shortened link in column C, this could look something like this.

Hootsuite Bulk Uploader Test

Now you need to save it as a CSV file, which you do by going Save> Save As > Other Formats > CSV Comma Delimited

Other Formats

Save As CSV Delimited


Uploading Via Hootsuite

Log in to hootsuite and go to the publisher tab

Change the date to dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm and then select the csv file you uploaded

Schedule updater

Select the network and then click submit and you can check the publisher section and currently scheduled and see them there.

Schedule in Bulk - Publisher



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