“Boring” Accountants Can Use Social Media To Stand Out & Create Leads

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How Accountants Can Use Social MediaThe accountancy industry is competitive and businesses are overwhelmed with options for the financial management of their operation.

Finding the right option for a business can be quite tough with so many similar businesses on paper all competing for your business.

Therefore social media presents a great opportunity for accountants to share knowledge,  educate potential customers and build connections/potential leads.

Accountants can use social media to stand out & create leads in a number of different ways and break from the stereotypes.

Overcoming The Myth Of The Boring Accountant

We have all heard the stereotype that accountants are boring. Yet a good one can save a business time, effort and money, factors which should be of interest every business in the UK.

Yet the stereotype continues and finance does switch off many business owners.

Networking I meet many accountants all keen to prove they are different from the traditional stereotype. In fact many accountants I meet become quite samey purely on how different they claim to be.

Face to face these sentiments are quickly tested, judgments are made and potential clients can decide whether an accountant is someone they want to continue a conversation with. When someone visits a plain website this opportunity does not exist, unless that visit leads to them picking up the phone.

Instead you have to make sure that when visitors see your site, your blog and your social media that the brand image portrayed is the same as face to face.

Accountants Can Use Social Media To Stand Out & Build Their Business

Social media can be used to increase the awareness of accountancy firms in their area targeted to the sectors of interest. Once these connections have been made accountants can use them to share knowledge, build trust and start meaningful conversations to show how your firm can meet a business need.

Social media is a knowledge platform not a selling one, just as you would not start selling a package when meeting someone for the first time networking, you would not do so on social media.

The goal is to build relationships to the point that you can arrange a phone call or a meeting with a client to discuss how you can help them with their needs. When they arrive at your office they may have already read your blogs, seen your videos and have a deeper understanding of your offering.

The Power Of Content

In order to do this you need content that showcases your business and your knowledge to potential customers. This can be done via social media posts, blogs, videos, images and infographics.

Creating this content does take time, but it is a brilliant opportunity to showcase your brand.

This is the opportunity for accountants to show that they are not boring and that their offering can make a difference.

So if an accountants is passionate about being different then we strongly encourage them to get out there and show it online and offline.

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