Is Your LinkedIn Profile Working For Your Business?

There are more than 17m active LinkedIn users in the UK, but only a tiny fraction of those have fully grasped the incredible potential that an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy can deliver.

LinkedIn may not be working for your business if you

  • have a LinkedIn profile with 100's of connections, but no idea what to do with them
  • want to standardise company profiles and maintain control over how they are used
  • are not using the platform to build your sales pipeline 
  • are unsure how to minimise the risk to your business of employees use

Our training is delivered in a number of different formats depending on the requirements of your organisation and what will work best. Recently we have successfully delivered 

  • 1-1 training for business owners and marketing teams
  • Skype sessions
  • In-Company training for corporate teams

Request a call from our team so we can put together a LinkedIn training plan that suits you as a sole trader, marketing or HR manager.