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Confused About LinkedIn

Why You Should Love New Linkedin Search Filter – “Connections Of”

This week we noticed the addition of the Connections Of Linkedin search filter that allows users to filter search results to users that are already…
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social media competitor research for small business

Social Media Competitor Research – How To Gain From Their Posts & Tweets

Knowing your marketplace is the cornerstone of any business strategy, social media competitor research can be a great way to understand your market…
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Marketing magpie definition

Resisting The Urge To Be A Marketing Magpie

Information overload can find Businesses owners and marketing directors becoming a marketing magpie. What Is A Marketing Magpie? -  a marketing magpie in this…
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Positive Networking - What Small Businesses Are Asking About Social Media Marketing Right Now

What Small Businesses Are Asking About Social Media Marketing May 2017 – Q&A Video

It is our endless quest to educate small businesses what is working in social media marketing right now. Last month Dowsocial sponsored a…
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